Going On A Trip

It may be a while until I get back to work, when I was already ready to start, but personal issues got in the way. Now would be a really good time to get some donations so I can get out of here and start over – again, someplace else.

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Business Cards Are In!

My business cards arrived today, next is to get to work on my signs and banners. However, I will be getting back to work, and my tutorials at least by July 17, 2017. Hopefully sooner, as I am still busy with things around the house!


New Advertising

I wanted to get word out – again, about my free tutorials, and in a few months begin selling my designs for business cards, flyers, newsletters, etc. Here are a couple of yard signs I’ve been working on – any suggestions?

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Another Shot

For some reason my code didn’t work. I’ll try again. I sort of let things get out of hand, and now I am in desperate need of help ASAP. Anything little thing will help.It will all add up. Please donate so my home won’t get shut down! We need to get our power back on ASAP!

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Vegas Pro 14 – Have you heard?

Don’t miss the new tutorials I’ll be starting in Vegas Pro 14! The Sony is missing, because Sony no longer has the Vegas line or Movie Studio, instead, in the early part of September, MAGIX, a German software and app company has it now!! So if you have purchased any of the Movie Studios or Vegas programs, watch this video!

MAGIX Releases Vegas Pro 14!

vegas-pro-14-en-400Vegas Pro 14 is Released Worldwide!

For those who have not heard yet, MAGIX, a German software and app company acquired about 90% of Sony products, like VEGAS Pro and Movie Studio. In the music department, the famous new additions Sound Forge, ACID, and SpectraLayers will be added to MAGIX diverse audio portfolio.


On September 20, 2016, MAGIX has released Vegas Pro 14 worldwide!

I was able to get my paws on this new release, so I will check everything out, and begin tutorials in the new version as soon as I possibly can!

I love when the opportunity comes around where I can check out a new software! It’s serious playtime! I’ll be awake for hours, then begin tutorials ASAP! the first tutorial will be just a walk through. I already have looked at the program, the settings, and some of the functions, and for the most part, it looks similar to Vegas Movie Studio, some of the transitions are the same, the video fx, the timeline, except there is something that is not there, like in Vegas Movie Studio. It has a much more professional look to it, but, you’ll see what I mean when I get there! I am really excited to get started!

For those of you who have purchased software from The Sony website, you can now find support @ VegasCreativeSoftware

If you clicked on the new website address for Vegas Creative Software and found it was incorrect, my apologies! I corrected my mistake.

Until then,

C. J. Grace

Owner/Administrator ToGraphic4U

ToGraphic4U YouTube Proposed Video Intro 1

YouTube Video Intro

I have not been able to work on any new tutorials as there has been many things going on personally, good and bad. However, I have found some time to work on updating my YouTube video intros. The intro seen here is the first one I have completed so far. I have a few more in mind for my ToGraphic4U YouTube channel, and I would like some input.

Video intros can make a big impact on viewership, as they can, believe it or not, make a viewer decide, besides the Video Thumbnail, whether they want to watch your video or not. If the intro is too long, that kind of makes people leave your channel and check out another one! Viewers want to get right to the point, I know I do!

Leave me a comment on the

Contact page: http://tographic4u.com/contact/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ToGraphic4U,

My YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/Tographic4u


I have wanted to make my video intros shorter for some time now, yet still keep the description of what my videos include. I don’t think it’s too short.

This intro was made possible by http://ramindigital.com/

You can find some amazing and awesome FREE files for your videos too! The text in the files that you download can be changed to what you want. Not only can you get free video intros, but this guy even offers free tutorials how to download, change the text, download the sound files/music files, and sync the audio with the videos. I will also offer tutorials on how it’s done as well as soon as possible!