Monthly Archives: December 2014

Welcome to The New ToGraphic4U!

Welcome to the new home of ToGraphic4U! This move was quite sudden, as I had not intended to “open” this site yet, however, I ended up committing a violation to the terms of service, by having two sites with the same name!

So I ask that you be patient with me as I continue to add content. I have many things in store for this site, like such things as free downloads, downloadable work files to follow along with my Photoshop tutorials, also photographs and art work that I designed in Photoshop, for sale.

I had not planned to announce this site until January 15, 2015, or at the latest, March 15. However, sometimes things do not go as planned.

I still have a few glitches to work out, but until then, things are what they are, and I do apologize for the sudden move when I wasn’t even ready yet.

I do hope this site will be something my viewers and visitors will enjoy visiting.

Wishing you much success,

C. J. Grace

More Tutorials On The Way!

I am currently working a many more tutorials on the way, and though many of them are not Photoshop, rest assured, I am far from done with my Photoshop tutorials.

I have a ton of tutorials, video tips, and reviews on the way, so be sure to follow this website so you don’t miss a thing.

I am also working on several give-aways, and hope to start my Podcast come January 2015

I have also considered having live events on YouTube, and am asking those who visit this site, what you think I should do, and what you would like to learn from those live events.

C. J. Grace