Eye Color tutorial – Re-done

In case you saw my tutorial on How to Easily Change Eye Color in Photoshop, then notice that it vanished, I was forced yet again to delete that video and redo it with different background music. YouTube sent me yet another copyright claim!

I could have provided them with the License Agreement as usual, but I realized something the other day after reading that License Agreement…

The creators of the production music who provided Videoblocks.com with their music, can change the agreement at any time. Which is why I assume that though I have purchased the music via a paid subscription, YouTube no longer accepts the License Agreement!

In the past, I had provided YouTube with the License Agreement, at least 3 times, my License did me no good, as YT refused to monetize my videos!

So I guess in the long run, a lot of good it does to purchase anything from Videoblocks!

I better get to my Sony ACID program!