The Inevitable

For those of you who have visited or who still visit my blog, I thought it best to let you know, that though I have planned many tutorials at the beginning of the new year, 2015, the inevitable has happened. My computer has been infected with the ever so friendly Ad ware!

With the work I do, in addition to all the family pictures and videos I have on my computer, they are in a vulnerable state right now. So a few days ago, I ordered a 1TB external hard drive from Amazon. I need to backup all the important files on my computer, so I can clean the entire system, and I have no idea how long that task will take me.

Currently it has become very difficult to edit my blogs, and every site I go to, I am inundated with ad pop-ups everywhere! I have also noticed that some of the programs that are part of the operating system have vanished! Instead I have ended up with programs that came from I have no clue where.

I should have the new drive by Wednesday, January 21, 2015, then hopefully I can resume my tutorials by Friday the 23rd.

I have a whole slew of tutorials lined up, and not just Photoshop tutorials, but the start in Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and HitFilm. I actually have at least many years of tutorials to offer, and I will also begin offering Free Give-Aways, and contests!

The timing with my new site and this issue has really hindered me, and I ask for your continued support.

To Your Success,

C. J. Grace – ToGraphic4U

January 20, 2015