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CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone Update!

Here’s a little update on the CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone!

When I made the review and fix for this mic, I wasn’t certain the “fix it” would work on Windows 8, though I had heard that it did. Well one viewer, and new subscriber, recently told me that it does work on Windows 8! Now I know for certain, thanks to Spoon Fork!

I will be adding some new items to enhance the audio even more. I already tried it and was quite surprised at how the audio sounded! I will make an update video on this so be sure to subscribe on my YouTube channel, And Follow me here on my blog, to keep updated on new gadgets, reviews, and more!

New Tutorials On The Way

I had intended to release the first video tutorial in Sony Vegas Movie Studio on Friday the 13th! But as usual, life got in the way. Well, as the saying goes, “better late than never”.

So if you do not have any version of Vegas Movie Studio, or cannot find it in your budget at this time, you can always download a version of your choice for a FREE 30-day trial from the Sony Creative website.

If you are a total newb, I don’t advise you purchase, or download a free trial, a Pro version. If however you already have a pro version and you still don’t know where to begin, I recommend you head over to Movie Studio Zen, where you will find an expert in all of the Pro, Platinum, and Suite versions.

If you plan on purchasing the cheapest available version on Amazon, I do not recommend you opt for the download version, rather, order the actual program in your hands, and be sure it is an HD version.

Now as I have stated in a previous video, the reason I’m starting these tutorials, is for a couple of my upcoming Photoshop tutorials, which includes steps that cannot be done in Windows Movie Maker. After the Photoshop tutorials however, I will continue Vegas Movie Studio tutorials, which will include subjects like:

  • Green screen tutorial
  • Lower Thirds
  • How to Split Video
  • How to Overlay
  • Picture in Video
  • Video in Video
  • How to Fast Forward
  • How to Slo-Mo

And much more!

Get Your Own Blog with Hostgator

I wanted to put off for as long as I could in getting my own blog set up, but when I realized how affordable, and easy it was, I just couldn’t put it off any longer!

I encourage anyone who is serious about making an income online, to have your own blog. It will set you apart from the rest, you will become the owner of all your own content, have complete control over how your blog looks.

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How to Improve Your Audio Affordably with the Audio-Technica ATR3350iS

Good audio is very important for a good video, and surprisingly, good audio will make a video with bad visual quality, better! You want your viewers to be able to hear you, otherwise, they will click off of your video, and find another video they can hear!

Though tthe Audio-Technica Lav mic is not wireless, it is very affordable! Want to buy your own? Audio-Technica ATR3350iS

CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone

If you have purchased the CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone, and are either ready to toss it out, or return, wait ’til you watch this video first! Now a few of the things I neglected to mention in the video is a few things you have stick a Post-It note up for, and that is:

Turn off desktop speakers, lamp, remove any cell phones off the desk, and if you happen to be near a fuse box, consider moving your desk, or at least, record someplace else. This microphone cannot have any electronic or electrical interferences! Attempting to improve the audio in Audacity will not do the trick, trust me, I know first hand. I will be making another video on a few things I plan on ordering, when I get around to it, which should further enhance the performance.

If you do not have this mic but are interested in purchasing it, you can it here: CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone


Logitech h110 Headset Review

I needed a new headset, but wasn’t quite sure which one I wanted. I didn’t want a real expensive one, nor a real cheap one. I was in a hurry, so I grabbed the first one’s I saw. Not the ideal way to shop for headphones, on or offline! I was wondering if I had made the right purchase, and in fact, I wasn’t quite sure until I made this video! Though my old headset wasn’t all that bad, well, ok it is, I’m still going to keep them in case something goes south with my new ones. But I’d have to say, my new headphones were the right purchase, as you will hear in the following video!