Monthly Archives: May 2015

CAD U1 Dynamic Mic Additions

I wanted to further enhance the audio quality of my CAD U1 Mic, and I’ve finally done it! The stand that the mic comes with is great, if you don’t have any cats and a desk that is stable, but I also needed the mic closer to me when I’m making tutorials. For some reason my desk has a little wiggle to it, so, I’ve decided to invest in a few items to see if will affect the audio performance, and sure enough, it has! I bought a suspension scissor arm which attaches to the desk, a pop filter, and a shock mount! I haven’t made a video yet to show you the before and after, but I can tell you this – the audio quality makes me sound like a radio DJ! It now sounds truly professional, nothing but crisp, clean audio! So if you’d like to check out the items I’m talking about, before I make he video, here they are:

Back on Top!

I’ve been gone way too long due to computer issues. My computer became infected with Malware and seems like a virus as well. It took me so long to take care of the issue because I needed to back-up all my documents, photos, and videos, and I had to go thru a ton!

The steps I did will be a couple more videos, and the first one will be sort of like a Review as well.