About Me

Hello I’m C. J. Grace, or just Chris as my friends call me.

Back around 1996, I received an old hand-me-down computer from my older brother. I was so excited and determined to learn everything I could about computers. So I went back to school and majored in Computer Science. During that time I was also running an auto detailing business. I designed my logo, and marketing materials. I even went so far as to teach myself HTML! I decided I didn’t like computer science anymore, so I dropped out after receiving nothing but A+’s! Life took me on a different path anyway.

Turns out, I had the opportunity to receive private training in graphic design, my first passion! Everything went fabulous and I graduated. Only I ended up in a job that had nothing even close to graphic design. I ended up in private security, a job that was supposed to be something on the side. Well that side job turned into a career. However, on February 28, 2008, everything came to a crashing end. I was involved with a dear friend of mine in a near-fatal car accident. I ended up with a broken back, two bulging disks, and as a result, scoliosis, arthritis, and nerve damage from my neck to my feet.

I had tried in the past to find ways of making money online, all to no avail. I downloaded this free report and that free report, and all I got was nothing but empty promises. I couldn’t return to my usual duties as a public safety officer, so I gave it just one more shot. That’s when I found Gideon Shalwick! However, I did not realize what my niche was until 2013! One day it just hit me, that I could return to my first passion, graphic design – sort of.

When I was in training, there was no blogs, and YouTube didn’t exist yet. These days it’s so much easier to make money online! Especially when you find someone like Mr. Shalwick!

So in 2013, after speaking with so many people who were looking for ways to make some extra money, it occurred to me that I could help, and still utilize my design training.

My Goal is to help those who want to get started in YouTube, in the form of design, video editing, and video tips, with resources that they might already have around the house, or affordable ones!

Are you a video creator and searching for a way to earn extra cash?

I think Patreon could be a great additional way to fund your work!

Every month, I get a regular source of income from supporters who’ve pledged to me through Patreon. Having their ongoing support means I spend less time thinking about business, and more time creating.

Also, if you use this invite to sign up and launch your Patreon page, we’ll both earn bonuses as supporters pledge to you – let me know if you have any questions!


C. J. Grace