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Something Went Wrong

The last time I posted on this blog, it appears something went wrong with the format I had. I had pages and sub-pages, but now I don’t. So in the coming days I will be working hard to get this blog to exactly the way I want it, and I will be adding new posts, and videos as well!

Thank you for your patience!

C. J. Grace


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FREE Screen Recorder, No Viruses

If you’ve experienced infecting your computer with viruses, malware, or spyware, after downloading one of those free screen recorders, then you’re not alone! Well I finally found a screen recorder that is virus free! In this video I share with you what that screen recorder is, and how to set it up!

Need Your Support

I have run into a few problems, and find that I need support. Although I do intend to add some of my artwork and photographs for sale, I have some personal issues I am going through right now, and am unable to make anymore video tutorials at this time. Why? I should have known better, but I didn’t! I downloaded a free version of Camtasia Studio 8, and ended up with a load of viruses, malware, spyware, you name it! I am currently in no situation to dole out nearly $300 for the paid version of Camtasia, and this is the BEST screen recording software out there.

Anyway, if you find value in my tutorials, would you please consider a little donation?

I also have my Amazon store set up on my blog, and am hoping my visitors check it out. I have all the software, and camera equipment I recommend on that site, and it would help a great deal if my viewers start buying through that store.

If you wish to donate any amount, it would be greatly appreciated, and you can be assured that your transaction is secure through PayPal.

Thank you,

C. J. Grace



CAD U1 Dynamic Mic Additions

I wanted to further enhance the audio quality of my CAD U1 Mic, and I’ve finally done it! The stand that the mic comes with is great, if you don’t have any cats and a desk that is stable, but I also needed the mic closer to me when I’m making tutorials. For some reason my desk has a little wiggle to it, so, I’ve decided to invest in a few items to see if will affect the audio performance, and sure enough, it has! I bought a suspension scissor arm which attaches to the desk, a pop filter, and a shock mount! I haven’t made a video yet to show you the before and after, but I can tell you this – the audio quality makes me sound like a radio DJ! It now sounds truly professional, nothing but crisp, clean audio! So if you’d like to check out the items I’m talking about, before I make he video, here they are:

Back on Top!

I’ve been gone way too long due to computer issues. My computer became infected with Malware and seems like a virus as well. It took me so long to take care of the issue because I needed to back-up all my documents, photos, and videos, and I had to go thru a ton!

The steps I did will be a couple more videos, and the first one will be sort of like a Review as well.

A Word About YouTube’s Three Second Video Intros

Yes or No for Three Second Video Intros?

YouTube is doing away with their 3 Second branded video intros, a feature they released around the end of April  or the first part of May 2013. However, due the the demand of requests from YouTubers, that feature will no longer be available, unless you opted for it at the beginning, and wish to continue.

I personally like the intro, and though you were given the choice to have your intro after a certain date, you really couldn’t add it only to the videos you wanted. For example, I don’t want the intro on my tutorial videos, only where I appear in front of the camera, (talking head videos), which is usually when I do a product review.

I was kind of bummed out when I first heard that YouTube was getting rid of the intro feature, because that was going to be in one of my Photoshop tutorials, which  is why I started my Sony Vegas Movie Studio tutorials. However, I can still proceed, because now you can choose which videos you want your intro on!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

C. J. Grace

ToGraphic4U March 6, 2015

CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone Update!

Here’s a little update on the CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone!

When I made the review and fix for this mic, I wasn’t certain the “fix it” would work on Windows 8, though I had heard that it did. Well one viewer, and new subscriber, recently told me that it does work on Windows 8! Now I know for certain, thanks to Spoon Fork!

I will be adding some new items to enhance the audio even more. I already tried it and was quite surprised at how the audio sounded! I will make an update video on this so be sure to subscribe on my YouTube channel, And Follow me here on my blog, to keep updated on new gadgets, reviews, and more!

Get Your Own Blog with Hostgator

I wanted to put off for as long as I could in getting my own blog set up, but when I realized how affordable, and easy it was, I just couldn’t put it off any longer!

I encourage anyone who is serious about making an income online, to have your own blog. It will set you apart from the rest, you will become the owner of all your own content, have complete control over how your blog looks.

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