Free Downloads

This page contains FREE downloads for you to use in my Photoshop tutorials, or for anything you like. You will also find video thumbnails and YouTube channel art, and all are designed to YouTube’s specifications. By using pre-made thumbnails, you can save a lot of time, instead of designing a new thumbnail every time you make a video. I will of course add new downloads for you to use as time allows.

To download these video thumbnail images for free, I’ve added a Compressed (zipped) file, which is below these images:

BlkGrySBThumbnail BlkPurpSBThumbnail BlueSBThumbnail GRNSBThumnail MarSBThumnail

Free Video Thumbnail Download

YouTube Channel Art Designs. Again, I will add more as time allows. In the meantime, help yourself! The sizes are 2120 x 1192 pixels.

MarSBThumnail GRNSBThumnail BlueSBThumbnail BlkPurpSBThumbnail BlkGrySBThumbnail

Free YouTube Channel Art Designs

Download the Channel Art Template here —>  Channel Art TemplateDL

Let me know if the download for the Channel Art template works!

I found the photos I took from my yard. You can download these for free and use them in the Photoshop tutorials, or for anything you like!


Looking for a YouTube Video End Card, but don’t have the time or Photoshop to design your own? Here’s the first of FREE end cards to come!

To Download this End card, click here

Once you have clicked, you will be directed to the video page, then right-click, and Select “Save video As”