Photoshop Tutorials

This page contains most, if not all of my Photoshop tutorials, which are all done in Photoshop 7.0. I have recently acquired version CS6, and will start making some tutorials in that version, only when I make a tutorial that cannot be done in version 7! Sometime you may find me making a tutorial in both, because though some methods can be done in both versions, trying to do a 3D style text, can’t be done in version 7.

I really wanted to do tutorials in both version, but that would just take up too much time. Speaking of time, in time, I will begin adding project files for you to download for use with the tutorials.

I hope these tutorials of a benefit to you, and if they are, please drop me a line. It is my sincere goal to help everyone!

Though this next tutorial takes place in Sony Vegas Movie Studio, it is still a tutorial on how to make a video end card. I may also place this video under Vegas Movie Studio.