What is ToGraphic4U?

I am not quite certain when I came up with the name ToGraphic4U, but I somehow combined some words from an encyclopedia, and included the words typography and draw! I thought it was a unique name and would be memorable.

ToGraphic4U offers free online video tutorials in

  • Video Editing – Beginning in Windows Live Movie Maker, because it’s free and easy, which is excellent for beginner’s to start out with.
  • Photoshop -The version I use is an affordable version for beginner’s to use. This is a program you will need to be able to design your YouTube channel artwork – Channel banner, channel icon, logo, video thumbnails, and you end cards.
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio – An excellent step up from Windows Live Movie Maker. There are some very affordable versions

It is my goal to help those who are on a budget, or anyone, get started in making videos for YouTube, which is why I begin with older versions of programs. As time allows, I will begin tutorials in newer versions.

ToGraphic4U offers video tips, and product reviews, and anything and everything pertaining to video editing, recording, and the proper techniques.

Wishing You Much Success,
C. J. Grace